Software Consultancy

Software development can be complex but it doesn’t need to be difficult. With the right architecture, development methodologies and in-depth technology knowledge we can set your project on the right track. By asking the right questions we uncover previously overlooked areas and can help advise the best possible way forward.

We’re able to help with troubled long running projects too. Identification of problem areas in large systems is an intricate process and one we’re familiar with. Our team is excellent at explorative investigation, even in those problematic times when documentation is severely lacking or out of date.

Software Design

Great design and the resulting user experience is crucial for successful adoption of any software. We seek to understand, and help our customers understand, what the true goal is for a project. Armed with that knowledge we iterate over and explore various ways to reach the best possible design.

Our use of wireframes and storyboards to outline structure and flow really allow us to step into the end user’s experience. With this, we’re able find those small design issues early that sometimes slow down a project. Once the design feels right it’s illustrated to bring out the final look and feel.

Software Development

We always believe in using the right tools for the right job. This means selecting the language that best fits our customer’s situation and the task at hand. We’ll write custom software to suit the purpose or, with our in-depth industry knowledge, select a framework that is just right.

Often, isolated software development isn’t enough. Frequently, infrastructure is required to support and elevate the developed system to the highest standard. Skilled in software infrastructure, integration and failover, we have our customers covered on all fronts.

Mobile Development

The world is mobile and this means exposure to a wide range of devices and displays. For most, cross-platform development is a must and we adopt various proven techniques to achieve this. For others, a program crafted for a single target platform and purpose is the way forward.

We excel in both native and cross-platform toolkit based development and will accomplish the task to an excellent standard.

Web Development

A web presence is an important way to bridge the gap between yourself and your market or audience. It’s a valuable means to set the impression you want to be acknowledged by. Our experience in web development allows us to convey this impression in just the right way for you.

Web systems are sometimes an ideal way to replace heavy client based systems. With AJAX based approaches, a very responsive and efficient solution can be crafted that will save time on the task at hand. These systems take experience and an assured approach, both of which we have.

Game Consultancy & Development

Games are arguably one of the most sophisticated and complex forms of software that exist. The combination of real time systems, simulation, user experience, networking and data management seamlessly running together requires a wide range of control and discipline.

Reliability is a foremost requirement when handling a multitude of different coexisting complex systems. With our partner of choice Rogue Vector, we provide industry recognised expertise that will exceed expectations.