Hydro Product Sizing Tool

The product sizing tool was created for Hydro International who required a tool for customers to be matched with an appropriate product. The system was required as a Drupal module with account based permissions and for a submission system to forward on the project information from the customer to their systems.

The sizing tool was later upgraded. Hydro wanted additional functionality with a refined workflow and new user experience based off their customer feedback. They also wanted the system to be extracted from Drupal and developed to be a stand-alone, full screen web application.


Banshee Facebook Game

We helped create the Facebook game Banshee. The client wanted to have a transmedia project to promote their film and saw us as a great company to achieve this.

Bringing the film into the game in the form of streaming video allowed the players to experience both the game and film. To better allow the client to support the game on their own, we developed an extensive toolset that gave them content creation and game modification freedoms.


Rogue Vector Single Sign-on System

We created a single sign-on system with Rogue Vector. This system ties all the web systems and game systems together so one account can be used for all Rogue Vector’s products, games and services.

With simple, user friendly access, any user can change their details, see what services they have signed up for and even add money to their account for any in-game purchases.


Mechadroids Android Game

Mechadroids was created with Rogue Vector as a free-to-play fast-paced, tongue-in-cheek, addictive mechanoid battle simulator designed with a quick pick-up-and-play attitude in mind.

Developed relatively early on in the Android lifecycle the game introduced competitive multiplayer at a time when few games like this existed.


PrimeTools.co.uk E-Commerce Site

We developed a bespoke e-commerce system for the tools supplier PrimeTools.co.uk to satisfy their needs and identity. The new site allows customers to find their required product and purchase it faster than the previous system.

The system provides the full suite of features including end-to-end purchases and supports a variety of popular payment systems. In addition, an administration tool was developed in tandem to aid in the product management and numerous site-wide operations.