Our Story

Binary Protocol is a complete end-to-end software consultancy, design and development company with a presence in Bristol, United Kingdom and Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Our team is multi-disciplinary and this brings a powerfully creative perspective and versatile approach to the tasks we are involved in.

Vision and Values

We fully believe in providing accurate, realistic estimates then delivering these on time to the highest quality. Our team never stop learning and refining their skillsets. This mindset is central to our company culture and is crucial to our previous and future successes.

We feel a customer’s project can fall into two focuses. If the project is only one part of a larger plan then we can be the solution that allows the customer to focus on their other tasks. If the project is the core plan then we provide solid, reliable expertise that delivers the client’s vision. This allows them to build upon their idea with a confidence that shows.

People remember how an experience made them feel, not the actual experience in fine detail. With this in mind, we aim to craft streamline and enjoyable working relationships and software with our customers.

Why Binary Protocol?

A business choice to outsource should always be quantifiable. Here’s what you’ll get when working together with us.

  • A quality product and service

  • Delivery on time

  • A working style catered for you as a unique company in mind

  • Honest, constructive advice to challenge any preconceptions we feel are misplaced

  • Complete satisfaction in the final result

If you’re looking for a reliable partner to work with, why not check out our services and contact us?